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HVAC Course

Online & VR

Learn the necessary skills to install, repair, and diagnose heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, and prepare for the EPA 608 Exam Certification with our innovative combination of video modules and text-based online lessons. If your goal is HVAC certification or even just a deeper knowledge of the subject matter, our brand new course will get you where you need to go.

Online course
Online Course
(Available Today)

Innovative format, proven methods; e-course covers welding, electrical, refrigerants, troubleshooting, and more.

12 hours of video lessons filmed in Chris’s acclaimed WorkLab learning environment.

Online quizzes and tests cement knowledge and assess comprehension.

VR course
VR Course
(Coming Summer 2018)

Immersive VR app integrates the student into a virtual classroom environment.

The headset displays a virtual classroom with video lessons, tool demos, and best practices from multiple camera angles.

The VR environment provides students with a more focused experience to go through each lesson and submit tests and quizzes.

Mobile App
(Coming Fall 2018)

The HVAC Mobile App offers students and technicians a unique way of learning about HVAC tools and their uses.
The app contains:

Complete A-Z tool glossary and reference guide. Each entry includes a description of the tool, its common and advanced uses, and useful tips

20 instructional videos covering 150 tools, providing an in-depth breakdown and description of each tool, as well as demonstrating its applications.

Users can pick up, inspect, and manipulate tools and pieces in a virtual, 3-D HVAC service van set up with equipment typically used on job-site service calls.

3 formats: text, video, and 3-D. Users can switch between formats to tailor their personal learning experience.

Chris Walters


As an HVAC subject matter expert in the state of Texas, Walters leveraged his extensive knowledge with practical know-how to personally develop this HVAC curriculum over the past 7 years. Graduates of his classes benefit from an 80% hiring rate.



The Chris Walters Method invites students to learn through critical thinking, discovery, and attention to detail.


Based on over three decades of on-site experience, Chris has culled the must-know information from the merely nice-to-know in order to produce this exemplary e-course.


The e-course contains video presentations of Chris’s time-tested best practices and methods, which are designed for superior outcomes while adhering to safety standards.


  • 44 years of HVACR experience
  • 10 years at Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR)
  • Retired Compliance Division Program Manager, Chief Mechanical Inspector for TDLR


I recently visited with Chris Walters, founder of the Training Center of Air Conditioning & Heating. The facilities are state of the art and the integrity and commitment of Chris Walters to his students is unsurpassed. Graduates of the Training Center of Air Conditioning & Heating will be prepared and ready to immediately participate and contribute.

It is my honor and privilege to wholeheartedly endorse the Training Center of Air Conditioning & Heating.

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